Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shopping: In love with Rob Ryan

Hi guys,
For my birthday my little sister bought me the Rob Ryan 'This bell' vase. It was a wonderful present, because I love Rob Ryan prints, and already have a set of side plates. My next planned acquisition is a set of six mugs. I love the designs, the simple use of colour, the schmaltzy sentimental messages. Reading them makes me smile and they are the kind of designs that brighten up your day a little.

And I just can't get enough of this picture from the homepage of the Rob Ryan website. If I could make my office look exactly like this one, then I would be a very happy young (or not so young!) lady:
 photo robryan1_zps11f73cc0.png
I turn thirty on my next birthday (gulp). And I already know what I want to mark the big occasion: A huge Rob Ryan papercutting of my very own to hang with pride of place in my living room. Of course, given I know my husband doesn't have a spare £7,000 knocking around in his bank account, I know that's a pipe dream. But it's a very good one! And I'll settle for a smaller screen print instead (hint: I like this one!)! Or some mugs, egg cups, tea towels, and I think I've just decided how I'd like to tile my kitchen....
 photo robryan2_zpsdb3c6e9a.png All of the selection above are available from the Rob Ryan Etsy shop. If I could have it all, I would!

Love Tor x

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